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TrackMyAED Plus Features

All AED information is stored in one place and is easily accessible from anywhere you want.

  1. Easily manage and track AEDs and trained staff.
  2. Web-based program – no software download required for use.
  3. TrackMyAED is accessible via any computer or mobile device with an internet connection through a web browser.
  4. Accessibility to data and reports is available 24/7.
  5. Easy access to user manuals and other documentation for your specific AED unit and products.
  6. Record maintenance checks of AED units.
  7. Make changes to your AED program, such as removing or adding an AED, and replacing pads and batteries.
  8. Run customized reports that help manage your AED program and personnel.
  1. Our program automatically sends emails notifications to alert you when your pads and or batteries are about to expire (60 day notification).
  2. The maintenance report section allows you to run reports beyond accessories that need attention.
  3. Easy access to user manuals, video instructions, and directions of how to replace your pads and batteries.
  1. Recorded maintenance check reports of AED units.
  2. Track consumable items, such as batteries and electrode pads.
  3. Run reports that help manage your AED program and personnel.
  1. TrackMyAED makes it easy to manage your trained staff at each site to see when it is time to renew their training certifications.
  2. The program automatically sends emails notifications to alert you when your staff training needs to be renewed (60 day notification).
  3. The site is customizable to meet all your training needs and requirements. You can add additional qualifications to the site with additional reminders set to ensure all training requirements meet the needs of your organization.
  4. TrackMyAED makes it easy to manage the staff at each location responsible for ensuring your equipment is rescue-ready.
  5. You can easily manage site contacts, view the training status of the staff at each location, and add additional staff when required.
  1. Videos are available to help ensure accessories are correctly replaced as older accessories expire.
  1. Add or manage an AED with our single page Add and Edit sections.
  2. Quick sort view headers, global and filtered search, data import and export capability, and alerts customization, all on a single page.
  1. The dashboard enables administrators to view the real-time status of their AED programs with one simple click. The colour-coded graphics make it easy to identify AEDs that may need immediate attention.
  2. Through this exclusive management tool, an administrator will be able to view the status of routine maintenance checks, electrode pads, batteries, and trained responder’s certifications.
  1. In Map View, you can see an overall view of your entire AED Program. The map view will allow you easy access to each AED site, providing an overview of all locations to include addresses, geographical coordinates, times of availability, and site contact information.
  2. As your organization expands, we will modify your program to meet those needs.

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